Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Meander/Maze Book with Tutorial

I'm just returning from a regional Angel Gathering in Kansas, where I demonstrated how to make this cute mini book. It's made with one piece of 12x12 that is cut and folded in a meandering pattern. It's a lot of fun!

For step-by-step photo instructions on making this intricate but pretty easy project, click here or below on my slideshow. (At my Picasa Album, you can adjust the number of seconds and follow each photo like a hands-on class and, as always, post a comment or email me with questions at paperjewelscards@aol.com I'll be happy to help!)

This cute book only looks difficult! Grab a 12 x 12 and give it a try. You will love the results! Looking for more mini book ideas? Check out my gallery of ideas!


Fab said...

Hi Jewels, thank you for visiting my blog and the lovely comment. My Angel is Claudia from Las Vegas, I don't know if you've met her. She's the reason I'm going bankrupt! LOLOLOL I love those new stamps in the spring supplement, especially the cow set (an'udder birthday?).

Fantastic tutorial and I'll attempt this minibook when I'm courageous enough...

Diana said...

Hey Sista!

This is awesome!! I love that mini album, I did one last year for my DH on Valentine Days using the Rustic Chic!

Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely words! You know I really apreciated it coming from you! Glad to hear you were in Kansas, I hope to see you at Seminar, I love your works!

Thanks for share with us!


Mrs. Nancy G said...

Beautiful!!! You did a great job with the tutorial. Thanks!