Monday, March 29, 2010

Easy Holiday Party Favor: Tea / Cocoa Treat

Easter can be a little brisk in Colorado, so when I choose a festive drink, I'm usually thinking of something warm!
Orange Spice Tea is perfect! It's warm, the color is cheerful and you can make up some mixes to give as gifts or little favors. These are little thank you treats for the volunteers that help me with my neighborhood egg hunt.

The supplies are easy to find at your craft or party store.
You'll need:
Plastic portion cups with lids
Tulle rounds (usually in the wedding section)
Paper Cups

The thing I like best about this project is, you can change it for any holiday. My friend makes homemade peppermint cocoa, which would be great for Christmas or Valentine's Day. This orange spice tea would be great when fall rolls around and is popular at Christmas as well!

I added a thank you note to my treats and even put a small chocolate in the bottom, just for fun. Just think of all the tea and warm wishes type phrases you could add for all kinds of occasions. I think this would great even for a get well warm up. (Below I'll attach my document for the round labels I added to the lid. You need a 1 3/4" punch or circle cutter, or you can adjust the scale of the print out to change the size.)

Enjoy and leave me a comment if you try this treat and what occasion you used it for. I'd love to hear your ideas!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easy Easter Paper Craft: Mini Egg Basket

I love Easter! I've always loved dying eggs, hand painting them and hiding them! I'm in the midst of planning our neighborhood egg hunt, so I'm buried in plastic eggs. Here's a fun use for those mismatched ones that always seem to be left over! I thought this idea at the Think Crafts! blog was so darling, I decided to adapt it to what items I had on hand. My girls (9 and 4) loved helping me make these. What's not to love about decoupage?

Here are the basic supplies:
scrapbooking paper
plastic eggs
decoupage glue/brush

I cut the paper into angled strips so that it fit better on the egg and layered them on top of one another.

I knew I would find something cute to do with this iron tree that I found on clearance at Big Lots! I'll whip up a few more and maybe the Easter Bunny will fill them with chocolate kisses. Happy Easter!