Monday, February 4, 2008

Uptown Girl Love Notes

Wow! I managed to get Heather's card sketch done, and it's still Monday (just barely) in Colorado! I thought I would get in to the spirit with a little Uptown Girl, Bordeaux, Running Stitches, a GWP and Ordinary Greetings. (All stamps and supplies from The Angel Company.) As usual, I did the card away from the picture of the sketch, so the proportions are off a little, but it's the same idea. I love Heather's sketches. They look great and the sizes and pieces just seem to come out handy.

I also got to do a project inspired by my friend Joy. Check out her blog: Irish Angel Creations. I guess everyone on Split Coast Stampers has been doing this design too, but I copied it from Joy. :D Anyway, it's a heart envelope/card and it is so fun to make! She sent me instructions, so email her (or me) if you'd like them.

It's a wonder I'm getting any stamping done. My studio is still all torn up. I am making a little more progress though! Thanks for stopping by!


Fab said...

Wow your studio is looking great and still has a lovely cozy feel to it, I can't wait to see it when it's finished. I really like that card, that GWP stamp is so versatile, I'll have to put it in my next order from Claudia. Thank you for sharing that project.

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Neat projects. Your room looks like a skeleton of an organized masterpiece. Can't wait to see it too.