Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Party Food and Drink Ideas - Recipe Roundup

We do a ton of partying at this time of the year. I have been collecting all sorts of good party ideas and I have compiled my favorites here. Hang in there. There's lots to see, and even a chance for you to share your favorite ideas and win an appetizing prize! Below you'll find ideas for:
  • Easy Food & Drink for Grown Up Celebrations
  • Kid Friendly & Quick Crafts and Treats
  • Fun Decorations and Last-Minute Gifts
Candy Corn Pudding
Butterscotch on the bottom, vanilla (dyed with yellow food coloring) in the middle, whipped topping on top. (Make this kid friendly by using clear plastic tumblers.)

Bewildering Beverages
Here are some ideas for grown up refreshments: Yellow Twilight- Lemonade with an Absolut Bite, Morgueritas-a Deadly Lime Libation, Poison Appletinis- Dangerously Sweet

Make the accompanying cards to label your concoctions with this easy spooky house card. The instructions can be found here and were altered to use 4" x 12" cardstock. The windows were made with a grid punch.

Glass Markers
Grab some circle punches, an alphabet set and some other designs and make these easy glass markers. I used a script background to make veins in the eyeballs and flowers and flourishes for the irises. Make a set and decorate this little bag box to make a great hostess gift.

More Eyeballs
The same stamping techniques worked to decorate my Deviled Egg card. The eggs themselves got their red veins from food coloring and vinegar added to a baggy as the hard boiled eggs cooled. Other great savory foods to bring to a party include Mummy Pizzas, Mummy Dogs, and Salty Bones (breadsticks). I found lots of great recipes at Family Fun and Pillsbury.

More Kid Stuff
Mummy Tube Treats- these TP treats would make a good gift or craft. We'll be making them at our Girl Scout Halloween Party next week. If you're looking for a quick treat to give kids, try making some of my Yummy Mummy Candy Bars. (Both crafts use common party streamers for the mummy wrap.) I'll even show you how to make them in this video! (Want more hands on instruction? I have a video for Eerie Votive Candles too!)

A Decoration or a Gift
Make up a bunch of spooky bottles, using these great downloads from KMcKay Designs. Be sure to ink up your bottles with Palette ink. It should be heat set, but will adhere to glass, giving your project that extra creepiness it needs. You could bring a bottle of wine to your hostess, dressed up with these fun labels or even give a set of labels that are ready to stick on to your favorite hostess's wine or even soda bottles. She will love that!

Now for your ideas . . . .
I'd love to hear your favorite tried and true recipe for Halloween. Leave a comment with a link to your favorite recipe (and if you have a paper craft, packaging, label etc. that accompanies it- EVEN BETTER!) The winner will be announced on Friday and will receive the BONE APPETIT STAMP SET! So let's hear 'em!
**Contest Winner: Carolyn from Florida!**


Unknown said...

These are wonderful!! Great ideas! I love your projects!

Chris said...

Just stopping in to say that your ideas always rock the house! This looks like so much fun - you've really put a lot of time into these projects. I just ordered my set today, I couldn't resist all of these fun ideas floating around!

Patti J. said...

What cute ideas! Great job! TFS...

Erika said...

great ideas!!! it´s so cute!
visited my web page www.arteslaura.es.tl

Anonymous said...

I love your spider you use on the Witches Brew!
Do you sell it?
Would love to have it!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Super cool ideas! You rock!!!

an encourager said...

Hi! I hopped over here from Skip to My Lou and loved this Candy Corn Parfait! Thanks for sharing your party stash!

Anonymous said...

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Noblekatt said...

OMGoodness these ideas are wonderfull! one of my fave halloween "recipes" is chex mix with candy corn, mnms or your favorite halloween treat mixed in, worked great for my daughters preschool halloween party last year! that and frankenstine marshmallow treats, that is what we are working on this year!
thanks for the chance to win!
Jenn Post

Lorie said...

So fun! We actually use banana pudding for our candy corn parfaits. It may not sound like it would be good with butterscotch, but it really is. And it is the perfect yellow color.

Valerie said...

Thanks for the adorable ghost treat idea! They are so cute I just had to make some and fun and easy. Thanks for the inspiration!! Here are the ones I made if you would like to come over and check them out :)