Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cookie Recipe Book with Treat Bag Pages


Whenever I have swapped cookies during the holidays, I’ve always found several cookies that I wanted the recipe for.  This year, as a special surprise for everyone, I asked for the recipes for the swap I organized and gave out these cookie books.


They came out so cute!


I printed all the recipes on cardstock, but the best part of the book is in the back. I made pages that you can slip extra recipes into using plain cellophane treat bags with double-sided holiday cardstock slipped inside. The opening of the bag faces the edge of the book, so that the recipe card can be slid in and out.


The cardstock inserts help create a stiff material for running through the binding machine and this idea would be darling for other seasons, for example, a baby brag book.  You could also use the treat bags as page protectors for a mini book and the pages could be bound with the opening toward the binding so that items would not be able to slip out of the book. 

I just love finding inexpensive items that I have laying around the house that can be used in my paper crafts!  I hope you enjoy this idea and your holidays!