Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snowman Popcorn Treat - Great Holiday Gift!

 Keep your eye out for a deal on stretchy gloves and/or fuzzy socks, because you are going to want to whip up a bunch of these treats!  They are great for anyone on your list, but especially kids.  They are inexpensive (I got the 3 pack of gloves on clearance at Big Lots for $1 and the socks were on sale buy 2 packs get one free) and it's a treat that's not too sugary, which is good!

I made a video, but the idea is so easy that you will probably get the idea by looking at it.  The hardest part is fussing with the hat to get it to look right.  You can stamp on the white sheet instead of using a gift tag, if you like.  You can also visit THIS BLOG where the idea is originally inspired from.  She has a free download!  Enjoy, and leave me a comment about who you gave your snowman treats to.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Easy Holiday Teacher Treat: Hand Santa-tizer

There's a sign near the front desk at my children's school that reads "Please Don't Feed the Office Staff!"

So what do you give as a little treat at the holidays that is low-cal and inexpensive, yet useful and shows that you appreciate the folks you work with or that work with your kids?


I chose the purse size, because it's portable, inexpensive and who wants a Christmas anything that lasts beyond January?  I got this idea from Pinterest and they didn't look the same, but there are cute bottles with the same play on words for sale here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Double-C-Tree-Farm/126311947405714

My version was pretty easy to do in multiples and I based the paper size on the bottle I found, so you will have to get out your ruler.  The fuzzy trim is made with mulberry paper that I scored, folded and did that trick to tear paper by moistening it on the fold.  That's how I got the fuzzy edges.  (If you don't have mulberry paper, try a coffee filter for a similar effect.)

The belt is Sizzix self-adhesive "leather" paper and I punched buckles with a die cut from gold Creative Memories paper.  I wanted to do an additional tag with a cute saying, but I opted for simple stickers on the back with a fun Santa stamp.  Pretty simple, but they were a HUGE hit!  Leave me a comment if you decide to make these. Merry Christmas!