Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Valentine Boxes

Valentine boxes are HANDS DOWN my favorite craft activity to do with my kids.  {Can you tell?}  OK, Mommy did help her kindergartner quite a bit with this version of the Tissue Box Monster idea from Family Fun Magazine. {The marabou feather eyelash were all mine!} The ears are foam hearts folded and hot-glued in half and the teeth are white felt.  Don't you love that faux alligator paper?
 My son unseated the four-time classroom Valentine box champion with this front loading washing machine box. {She was the room mom's daughter and quite heart broken about not winning the coveted prize, but hey, you can't win 'em all.}  We just printed out logos from the internet and used that weird sculpting stuff to look like bubbles. (Leave me a comment if you remember what it's called!) The washing machine door was the lid to a box of pretty dishes I received. (I'm always looking out for boxes that I can use for just this type of project!)

We just happened to have a box with a cute window for this cell phone box, but you could use a cereal or shoebox for this too and create your own cool text display.  The buttons are fun foam that we stamped numbers on.
Here are the super easy Valentines Kate made.  The inside says "you're out of this world" and we colored the eyes and flower with a white gel pen.  So, what are you making this year for Valentine's Day?  Leave me a note or a link to your creations.


Conniecrafter said...

Your boxes are too cute, especially love the washing machine!

Tonniece said...

These are amazing. So inventive. I love the washer.
Happy 2012

Ronda S said...

Julie - I just love your ideas and I regularly check your blog to see if you have posted any new ideas. Although TAC is no more, you are still an angel! Blessings, Ronda

Ronda S said...

I love your ideas and still regularly check your blog for updates. You are an angel! Blessings, Ronda