Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Making Multiples for my Handmade Card Stash

Yesterday, it happened: that wonderful feeling when I need a card fast and I go to my craft area and I HAVE THE PERFECT CARD all ready and waiting. IMG_3930
During winter, I have more time to craft and I've been making all kinds of cards with sentiments that I need often. When I come up with a design I like, I make several of that same design. My card collection is looking more and more like the Hallmark aisle, with little dividers smiling back at me saying, "Girl Birthday" and "Thank You!" IMG_3931
I've been so productive that I'm giving this box to a friend as a Thank You gift. She's a real estate agent who loves handmade cards, but doesn't have the time to make them. (I found this box with the scrapbooking storage items that are being sold on clearance at Target. If you can’t find a box like this, you could always use the envelope box  from my Recycle Handmade Cards Post ;)
I think my friend will love these cards and there's one I think is right up her alley. She probably gives out a ton of business cards, so this library card will be a perfect place to enclose her card, while still delivering a more personal sentiment. It would be great for a birthday or thank you, with a gift card tucked inside too!
I hope this idea inspires you to get crafty and build up your stash too. Leave me a note if you think of some other fun ways to use the library card. . . . Ciao!