Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unique Card Size: 3.66 x 4.25 in a Half #10 Envelope Sleeve

Well, the description is a little wordy, but you have to try this cool card size!  The card is 3.66 by 4.25 (so you get three from a standard piece of cardstock) .  For the envelope, I sealed and cut a #10 envelope in half.  For this design, I did a little circle peek-a-boo cutout using a punch.
Isn't it fun?  Leave me a note if you decide to try this unique sized card. :)

UPDATE: Gail W. in San Francisco (Hi Gail!) asked about the Daydream paper I used.  I got it at Big Lots and it is made by GCD Studios in California.  Here is the link :

It is double sided and textured (which I <3!) and the weight is about 60-80 lbs. I have found at least a dozen different paper pads from that maker at Big Lots and I really like their paper.  Hopefully they have it at the Big Lots near you!

Easy Easter Swap for Daisy Girl Scouts

When I think about crafts for my Daisies, I like to make sure they are super easy. I also like to make my crafts very inexpensive. This one is both, but it's still way cute! The basic tag shape is paper-covered cereal box that I cut out with a Sizzix shape. I stamped the bunny and applied some chalking to the ears and cheeks. For the pin back, I hot glued a safety pin and a small square of felt. (This is so much less expensive than the pin backs and the pin lies down a little flatter too.)

During the meeting the girls just tied the ribbon on and used a dab of Tacky Glue to adhere their puff ball tails. Voila! A fun remembrance of our Easter celebration and a great way to teach our Daisies about the Girl Scout tradition of making and collecting swaps!

Easter Blessings


There are lots of springtime crafts blooming around here. {Too many to blog about! *wink*} I've been making lots of cards and crafts, and most of them, like this card are simple, with a couple of fun details that give it an extra little sparkle. I found these cards already die cut and just added the stripe and sentiment. The bunny tail on the envelope has a little white puff ball and pink sparkly chalking on the cheek and ear. They didn't take much time, but are super cute. The girls and I are spending the rest of the day making these:


I hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend!