Saturday, January 26, 2008

Craft Room Makeover

Well, one of my biggest creative challenges is that I am hopelessly disorganized. As you can imagine, things are at their worst right after the holidays, when things have been so busy. (Around this time last year Heather challenged me to show off how messy I can be, so I've learned to accept this about myself. --The first step is admitting it, right?)
I got so desperate this year, facing holiday company, that I put up an extra folding table, disguised it as a gift wrapping area with a pretty poinsettia tablecloth and threw all of my crap under it!
But that's all behind me! One of my Christmas gifts was new craft shelving and my New Year's resolution is to finally start putting away my toys after crafting.
I've been gathering inspiration from my fellow Angels Paula-Kay Bourland & Stephany Hedgepeth, Nichole Heady, and (sorry I lost the link for) a cool craft room on Two Peas. Hopefully I can incorporate these storage ideas into an Elfa shelving system that will inspire me to change my messy ways. (I need one of those makeover shows like Clean House to rescue me!) Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted . . .

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Manila Folder Book

Well, if you've been waiting for the details on the Manila Folder Book, here they are! It's a fun project that can be made into a pocket organizer, mini scrapbook--the possibilities are endless.
Mine features The Angel Company's new paper collection, Amberley Grace. I love the subtle colors. The stamps used were Artsy Elements from TAC and the upcoming February 2008 Vintage Stamp of the Month, Memories.

This project was adapted from an idea posted by Taylor Van Bruggen on September 20, 2007. Check out her blog here. She posted instructions and I have some that show the step-by-step details here.
You can also print out the text instructions by clicking here. Hopefully it will inspire you to try your own Manila Folder Book! If you do, post a comment with a link to your project. I'd love to see what you turn your book into! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mimi Photo Purse

Isn't this fun? It was one of the projects over at Paper Wings this weekend. It was designed by Rita Kegg. She always has the most fascinating projects--things with interesting folds and neat techniques. Check out her blog for a ton of inspiration! The inside of the purse is even more fun (See below and click on the photo for a larger image.) I love the Mimi Papers and coordinated Hardware!

This was just one of the things we did during the Online Escape, to keep our minds off the fact that we couldn't be at TAC's retreat in San Antonio. The event was for Angels, but everyone can get inspiration from the Paper Wings Gallery! There are card and project ideas for all of our stamp sets and it's a great place to go when you have crafter's block.

I couldn't go to San Antonio in part because it was my Katelyn's 7th birthday. This little purse book is for her. It's cute and fun, just like her. Everyone online seemed to like it too, because they had a contest and I won a free stamp set! Isn't that awesome! If you are an Angel, you've got to check out the Paper Wings Forum. You can share project ideas, ask questions or just chat.
For those of you interested in the manila folder mini book I keep talking about, I'll try to post the pictures and instructions for that tomorrow . . .

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Festive Photo Ornaments

Well, if you haven't put away all your decorations and you just got your holiday photos printed, you might like to try this project today!

Isn't it cute? My friend Mary Leeson made this for me and I've been meaning to post a picture of it, as well as all the other awesome goodies she sent me during our Secret Sister Swap! I added little pictures and decided it was just the right size to hang on the tree. I love the idea of looking at past holiday memories as you trim the tree.

Mary made this by folding two sides of holiday paper toward the middle and letting them overlap. She sealed the overlap and then folded the whole piece in half, so that there were two pockets to put the cute tags. Eyelets hold it all together. I love it!

She also made me a larger version of this as an "All About Me" mini book with The Angel Company's Sands of Time Paper. Check out all the other TAC alterables and other goodies she sent me in the picture below and visit her blog to see the directions for that awesome box! Thanks again, Mary. I'm treasuring all the wonderful things you sent me!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More Asian Beauties from The Angel Company

*Edited to include recipe at end of post*
I got quite a few comments on the geisha from the mini composition journal I designed for the TAC catalog, so I thought I would share a couple other cards that used the same set: The Arts (from The Angel Company.) They are such elegant ladies and the set also includes five other Asian symbols and phrases. People have also commented on the cool little metal loops featured on some of my recent projects. They are hard to find, but TAC has them and they are only $3.50 for a package of 25. They are great paired with all of your paper crafts, but especially the Kamalaht Soar With It collection. (You can see pictures of these products that I mention in my posts, as well as order them by clicking on the links that I have attached to the product names, like the ones above.)

TAC is hosting a winter retreat this weekend in San Antonio. If you are an Angel who couldn't be there (like me) join me Thursday (1/10/08) through Sunday (1/13/08) on the Paper Wings Forum for an Online Escape! In addition to games and challenges, there will be awesome projects like the Manila Folder Book I'm presenting. I'll be online to answer questions and will offer a slideshow of step-by-step instructions. The whole weekend will be full of fun!

If you're not an Angel, stay tuned. I'll post pictures and instructions of my manila folder book soon!

*Mimi asked about my coloring medium. Here are more details on the cards:
Brown and Black CS with Kamalaht Paper
Colored with watercolor pencils, a Dove blender pen and ink (Palette Moulin Rouge and Versamagic Aspen Mist.)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mini Composition Idea Journal

With the new year, I get excited about new papercrafting ideas. Here's a great place to jot them down. I used a mini composition book so that it would fit in a pocket or purse and it is covered with Kamalaht paper. An eyelet holds a little metal frame hanger, which forms a handy ribbon place holder. Photo turns hang from the ends of the ribbon.
The stamp is from The Angel Company's The Arts set and the letter stickers come in the pack of Kamalaht paper. There are light tan and dark brown letters, which seem to stand out better on most projects. I did run out of two of the dark letters: e and s. I was able to mix light stickers in with my dark ones by sponging ink right onto the stickers. This is a great trick to stretch your supplies. (By the way, I ink almost everything and the best applicators are TAC's hydra sponges. You get a bunch in a package and those can each be cut into wedges . I keep a little bucket of sponges in my work area in all the basic colors and they last practically forever!)
You'll see this little book again in TAC's 2008 Spring and Summer Inspiration Book and Catalog. I designed some Kamalaht and other samples for it and it has just arrived. I'm returning to Denver today from my holiday travels and will see it tonight for the first time! Stayed tuned for more info!