Thursday, April 30, 2009

More DIY Border Punch Styles with Common Scrapbooking Tools

It's Spring! Do you have that itch to get something new? Well, you DO deserve some new crafty supplies, but maybe these NEW IDEAS will suppress the itch a bit. Use what you've got to make some really cool borders that only look like they were done with a fancy punch!

I whipped up these five cards (and a little gift bag to hold them) pretty quickly. It's part of the gift I'm giving the Moms, Grandma and Sisters in my life for Mother's Day. I gave them a card tin like this one a couple of years back and I have to keep it filled!

Here are the border details:

Scor-Pal + Scallop Scissors + Big Bite 1/8
The Scor-Pal has some really handy grooves, like the two right near the 2 inch mark. It's the perfect little touch for this border.

Cloud Scissors + Big Bite1/8 and 3/16
If you missed the video on how easy it is to use the Big Bit's depth guide to line up these holes, go check it out! See what new combination you can come up with!

Scalloped Scissors + Piercing + White Gel Pen
This is so simple, but it gives that pretty, Victorian look!

Scor-Pal + Piercing + Deckle Scissors
This one is fun because it's not so feminine. I have three nephews, so my family uses a lot of boy birthday cards (both to give to the boys and for when those boys' friends have birthdays.)
I used the Scor-Pal lines near the 4 inch mark, which are evenly spaced 1/4 inch apart, then sanded them lightly. This is great with Matchmaker Cardstock. I also added a little stitching and some distressing to the edges.

Scallop Scissors + Bind It All + Ribbon
I think this one is my favorite! You know that the Bind It All can make a really cool notebook paper look, and do a cool trick with ribbon knots, but look how sweet it is with ribbon weaved through it!

I'd love to see what you can make with the tools you have!

PS: I posted the other day that I would give away a prize to someone who took my challenge, but I didn't have any takers . . . .chirp . . . chirp . . .chirp

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Fun with Toilet Tissue Tubes

In honor of Earth Day, here are more fun ideas with Toilet Tissue Tubes!

Bind It All Sour Cream Treat
You've see this treat before, no doubt, but adding the tube makes this treat a little more sturdy, so you can fill it with lots of Peanut M&M's or Hershey's Kisses. Punch one side and seal, then punch the other side at a perpendicular angle THEN FILL, add a touch of adhesive and tie with ribbons.

Tissue Tube Blooms
Flatten and cut paper covered tubes into strips about 3/4" wide. Edge them with ink to give a finished look. Punch a hole in one end of each "petal" and string six together with narrow ribbon, leaving ends long enough for you to tie the bloom onto a treat bag, or whatever you would like to embellish. I tied mine the the bag, but only to one side. (The big bite makes it super easy to do this.) With the bloom attached this way, the bag can be opened without being torn apart. This is great for earth day, because the bag can be used more than once! Scrapper's Floss is the perfect finishing touch and is tied around the whole bloom to hold a button and small floral in the center of the flower. (Click on the photo to see a larger image.)

Want More Ideas for toilet paper tubes?

Barb is TP'ing Too!

You can always make more books!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweet Thing Card with DIY Border Punch

What a sweet card to send for any occasion! You'll have fun making it too, with my Do-It-Yourself Border Punch technique! (See this Brilliant Inkling Here.)

I love the look of border punches, but I don't have any (and I'm running out of room to store anything new!) so I made this out of what I had on hand:
Big Bite
Fiskars Cloud Sissors

The cupcake is from The Angel Company's Spring into April special, which won't be around after April 30, 2009. The set is called Sweet Thing.

Other touches I love: I made the white dots with my Tombow White Gel Pen. Love it! I also added Prisma Glitter.

The flower and button are from the Ava Embellishement jar (doesn't it look like a little cherry?) and the paper is Catelynne.

Click on any of the product links to add them to your secure shopping cart on my site. Go ahead, you've saved a bunch of money on punches! PLUS, THREE OF THE THINGS THAT MADE THIS CARD SO CUTE ARE UNDER $4!

It's your turn! Leave a comment with a link to a border you've created using different punches. I'll choose a random winner on April 30th for a goodie from me. Maybe a limited edition stamp set . . . .