Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pop Rockz Skewer Book

I made this little book on Valentine's Day that has some of my favorite pictures of the ones I love from the past year. I've been learning some new ways to bind mini books (and you all know how much I love mini books!) This one is bound with a hair band and a wooden skewer. I can't wait to show it to the gals in Salina at this weekend's Angel Gathering!

If you'd like to take a peek inside and learn how to make it, click here for my step-by-step photo album. Just click on Slideshow, adjust the number of seconds delay and you can craft right along with the instructions! There's even a show at the end of my finished book, so you can see some of my favorite smiles. Enjoy!
PS- The studio is getting there . . .


Heather Devino said...


I love your new banner. It's fabulous!

Heather Devino said...

And P.S.

Your studio rocks!

Unknown said...

Hey Julie!
This is adorable!
I may have to try this.
And your studio is great. I went from 15 x 30 in WY to 10 x 8 here in AZ. Nothing fits! Love your blog!
Carol N.

Mrs. Nancy G said...

OH wow!!! It all looks good!


Lori Rider said...

Look at all your Elfa! I'm envious - I don't have enough wall space to go up like that. Your stuff looks great!