Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Window Box Treat Tutorial

I designed this "box" to fit a packet of cocoa and I was really excited when I learned that I could make it with a half sheet of regular sized cardstock! It holds a Peppermint Marshmallow Pop (RECIPE HERE) very nicely, and I just think it looks like a window box that sits under a window and holds flowers.

The snowman is colored with Copic markers and I used my Juice Lid Embossing Technique on the red tag.

Here are the basic instructions. Start with cardstock that is 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Score along the short side at 1" and 4 1/2".

Rotate and score along the long side at 1/2", 4" (but just on the edges-see photo) 5 1/2" and 7".

Cut along the dotted lines, according to photo.

Fold along the score lines to form box (fold two flaps to the back according to the photo).
I have some other things in mind for this "window box", but I would love to see what ideas you come up with, so leave a link if you decide to give it a try!

Peppermint Marshmallow Pops (for Stirring in Hot Cocoa)

Here's a heart-warming idea for Valentine's Day or even just a winter thank you. The peppermint marshmallow pop can be eaten as is or stirred into a cup of hot cocoa for a yummy treat.

These are the supplies you'll need: marshmallows, almond bark melt, leftover candy canes (or starlight mints) and lollipop sticks (we also used coffee stirrers).

Melt the almond bark in a double boiler.

Crush the candy canes. I tried my mini food processor, but the candy can get stuck, so crushing them inside a plastic baggy and dishtowel with a meat tenderizer worked well as a back-up.

When the candy is melted, place a stick in each marshmallow and dip in almond bark melt (be careful--marshmallows can melt), then dip in crushed candy cane.

Place on wax or parchment paper and cool in refrigerator. (As soon as they are firm, seal in a zip top bag to keep the marshmallows soft.)

For a quick tutorial on my "Window Box" CLICK HERE. I designed it to hold a packet of cocoa and our peppermint marshmallow treat, but it works for other fun things too. Won't this treat melt our teachers' hearts?!

Easy Kids' Valentine Ideas

Are you scrambling to get some Valentines made for your kids' class at school? These ideas are great, even for last-minute moms like me!

The ones above were made with the Sizzix Brackets Album die (which is on sale right now). I folded the cardstock before running it through and tucked an AirHead candy inside.

The shape that holds the watermelon and cherry Jolly Rancher pops is a large merchandise tag. The kids can help color the watermelon one in with the Pebbles, Inc. Shimmer chalks. It's really shimmery in person!

Don't forget the teacher! The white cardstock was scored and folded before putting it through the Big Shot. I got the basic idea from Heather's treat.