Friday, August 28, 2009

Recycle Handmade Cards - Bless it Forward!

If you like to hang out here at my blog, chances are you have a pretty large amount of handmade card fronts. You probably have friends who send you lots of beautiful cards too. Don't store them in a box. Give them new life and
Bless it Forward!

You can even make a great gift by collecting a few cards and make this card organizer, which is an envelope box covered with paper.

Check out this video to see how I made some low-profile tabbed dividers, to organize the cards by category.

Thanks to all of you who played my Great Greetings Game. Congratulations, Carolyn from Florida!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Great Greetings from The Angel Company (A Must-Have for Making Cards)

There is really something special about a handmade card. I love to ponder how many people have been blessed by the card ministry I help with. As I was getting these card designs ready to bring to church tonight, I was mindful of making the inside as meaningful as the outside is beautiful. Cards with insides sell far better than ones without. (The exception is Thank You's. They are OK plain.)

Coordinating the inside of a card is even easier to accomplish with some of the new sayings sets, like Great Greetings from The Angel Company. With coordinating fonts and heartfelt sayings, your cards will really have that extra sparkle. (Click the link for ordering information and to see a larger image.)

There are phrases that work great together, as well as greetings that could go with TAC's other word sets. The "May all your wishes come true" phrase could be added to almost any birthday set for a fun gender-neutral inner greeting. Here I've worked my Semi-Hand Stamped magic for a quick and easy card.

Another trick I sometimes use is to print the inside from my computer. Click here for the document I use.

Cleverly Coordinated
You've heard me say how much I love our Ordinary Greetings set as well. (Click here to see how I cut it apart to make it even more versatile.) It is a perfect companion to Fishy Friends, since they both have a curly, but not-too-cutesy font. There are so many cards you can make with just those two sets.

Tip: to get the little waves, I flipped over my scallop scissors. Isn't that fun?

This thinking of you card is just right for summer, with its little lobster. The images work great for kids' cards, but I think they work for big people too.

It's your turn:
How about a little challenge? Check out the Ordinary Greetings and Fishy Friends sets and leave a comment with your favorite or most original greeting that could be used for the outside and inside of a card. I'll pick a winner and send them ANY $20 SET FROM THE TAC CATALOGUE! It could be Great Greetings or any other set. Wanna Play?

Edited: We have a Winner! Congratulations, Carolyn!