Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unique Card Size: 3.66 x 4.25 in a Half #10 Envelope Sleeve

Well, the description is a little wordy, but you have to try this cool card size!  The card is 3.66 by 4.25 (so you get three from a standard piece of cardstock) .  For the envelope, I sealed and cut a #10 envelope in half.  For this design, I did a little circle peek-a-boo cutout using a punch.
Isn't it fun?  Leave me a note if you decide to try this unique sized card. :)

UPDATE: Gail W. in San Francisco (Hi Gail!) asked about the Daydream paper I used.  I got it at Big Lots and it is made by GCD Studios in California.  Here is the link :

It is double sided and textured (which I <3!) and the weight is about 60-80 lbs. I have found at least a dozen different paper pads from that maker at Big Lots and I really like their paper.  Hopefully they have it at the Big Lots near you!


Sonia said...

Lovely card Julie! I'll try this size for sure!
Miss your videos ...please, don't disappear from youtubeland !!
Happy Easter to you and your family : )

Anonymous said...

Love the card and envelope! Will be trying them for sure.

Sharon said...

how cute is that. Great idea and project.