Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mini Composition Idea Journal

With the new year, I get excited about new papercrafting ideas. Here's a great place to jot them down. I used a mini composition book so that it would fit in a pocket or purse and it is covered with Kamalaht paper. An eyelet holds a little metal frame hanger, which forms a handy ribbon place holder. Photo turns hang from the ends of the ribbon.
The stamp is from The Angel Company's The Arts set and the letter stickers come in the pack of Kamalaht paper. There are light tan and dark brown letters, which seem to stand out better on most projects. I did run out of two of the dark letters: e and s. I was able to mix light stickers in with my dark ones by sponging ink right onto the stickers. This is a great trick to stretch your supplies. (By the way, I ink almost everything and the best applicators are TAC's hydra sponges. You get a bunch in a package and those can each be cut into wedges . I keep a little bucket of sponges in my work area in all the basic colors and they last practically forever!)
You'll see this little book again in TAC's 2008 Spring and Summer Inspiration Book and Catalog. I designed some Kamalaht and other samples for it and it has just arrived. I'm returning to Denver today from my holiday travels and will see it tonight for the first time! Stayed tuned for more info!


CresceNet said...
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Nancy Grant said...

Oh wow!!!! This is gorgeous! Your art is amazing!