Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mimi Photo Purse

Isn't this fun? It was one of the projects over at Paper Wings this weekend. It was designed by Rita Kegg. She always has the most fascinating projects--things with interesting folds and neat techniques. Check out her blog for a ton of inspiration! The inside of the purse is even more fun (See below and click on the photo for a larger image.) I love the Mimi Papers and coordinated Hardware!

This was just one of the things we did during the Online Escape, to keep our minds off the fact that we couldn't be at TAC's retreat in San Antonio. The event was for Angels, but everyone can get inspiration from the Paper Wings Gallery! There are card and project ideas for all of our stamp sets and it's a great place to go when you have crafter's block.

I couldn't go to San Antonio in part because it was my Katelyn's 7th birthday. This little purse book is for her. It's cute and fun, just like her. Everyone online seemed to like it too, because they had a contest and I won a free stamp set! Isn't that awesome! If you are an Angel, you've got to check out the Paper Wings Forum. You can share project ideas, ask questions or just chat.
For those of you interested in the manila folder mini book I keep talking about, I'll try to post the pictures and instructions for that tomorrow . . .


Anonymous said...

Simply gorgeous!!!!!!!
Inky hugz,

Cheryle said...

This is so cute! Are you able to share the instructions with us? Oh Please, please, please!


Fabrizio said...

The purse is gorgeous ! And the foldable memory booklet is so clever; love it. Fab X

Nancy Grant said...

So awesome!!!


Mary Leeson said...

You did an awesome job on this purse, Julie! Love this. That Rita is pretty talented, huh?