Saturday, January 26, 2008

Craft Room Makeover

Well, one of my biggest creative challenges is that I am hopelessly disorganized. As you can imagine, things are at their worst right after the holidays, when things have been so busy. (Around this time last year Heather challenged me to show off how messy I can be, so I've learned to accept this about myself. --The first step is admitting it, right?)
I got so desperate this year, facing holiday company, that I put up an extra folding table, disguised it as a gift wrapping area with a pretty poinsettia tablecloth and threw all of my crap under it!
But that's all behind me! One of my Christmas gifts was new craft shelving and my New Year's resolution is to finally start putting away my toys after crafting.
I've been gathering inspiration from my fellow Angels Paula-Kay Bourland & Stephany Hedgepeth, Nichole Heady, and (sorry I lost the link for) a cool craft room on Two Peas. Hopefully I can incorporate these storage ideas into an Elfa shelving system that will inspire me to change my messy ways. (I need one of those makeover shows like Clean House to rescue me!) Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted . . .


Fabrizio said...

Your craft room looks ok to me, it's cosy and feels like home. I don't undertand the obsession of turning one's craftroom into retail space ! LOL If I want my craft room to look like a craft shop: I would open one. Just my two cents (or pence).

SBS said...

I am laughing a bit, because you picked out a lot of the same rooms I looked at when I was redoing my space to be more efficient and tidy! I succeeded, after a lot of very hard work, and I know you will, too!! Good luck!

BarbL said...

You already look fairly organized to me. 'Course, I'm in a basement cave, what do I know! I love the folding table trick...I'll have to remember that one for future reference!

Nancy Grant said...

Oh wow!!!! Can I have one too????!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I love it! You did very well its gorgeous. Don't listen to the others, I am very jealous. Hope it gives you lots of inspiration and be very calming to work in. Have fun.

Bridgett said...

I love seeing your ideas and storage solutions. You are awesome for sharing them so freely!