Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pocket Folder Card Keeper

My friend Tiff will have a baby boy any minute, and along with some other little goodies, I'll bring her this little card keeper. I made it with a white pocket folder (Oriental Trading) and decorated it with Gentle Beginnings DP from TAC. There's a little pad of paper and pencil for her to jot down gifts she receives and anything she needs to write a thank you for. The cards were super simple (and semi-homemade). I got them at the Dollar Spot and added a quick sentiment (Ordinary Greetings), some ribbon and my favorite little sweet pea. This set, Special Delivery, was discontinued last year, but it has always been my favorite. I used it for my own announcements and thank you's when I had Liliana. Isn't this the greatest little gift that you could give anyone just by changing the colors and cards inside? Below is a quick tutorial:

Supplies: pocket folder, designer paper, notecards, scallop and circle punches, scallop scissors, Scor-Pal, ribbon (Click on photos to enlarge.)

1. Make two score lines, about 1/4" apart just above the pockets of your folder. (You will have to open the folder and flip and turn it around to continue the lines across both sides of the folder. Having the pockets face up will help you determine the line placement, but having them face down will help to score the paper on the proper side to ensure clean creases. Did you know it's best to score on the side that will eventually be the outside of the fold? This is especially helpful to know for patterned or white core paper.)

2. Cut along the score line closest to the pockets as well as the center fold of the folder.

3. Fold the remaining flap down to determine length and make an additional score line where you will want to trim this flap. The score line is decorative as well as being a handy guide line for cutting a scalloped edge on the flap.

4. Use punches to make cut-outs on pockets and to decorate the front flap. Add a ribbon to hold the card keeper closed.

PS: Some of you have been checking in to see my studio re-do (which is still in progress. I guess it's like what they say about a garden. It's never really "done".) Anyway, the latest step in my makeover is to work on the lighting. I'd like to do all my photos for tutorials in my studio, but the light is not the best. For this round, I placed my Ott-Light right near my Scor-Pal (see photo below) but it's still not the greatest light. For the detail project shots, I still rely on bringing the object to a window with bright, indirect light. Can't beat good old sunshine!


nic_d said...

What a wonderful gift for your friend! Great tutorial...I hope I get to try it out!

Stampedbyanangel@aol.com said...

Beautiful gift, Fabulous tutorial and your Sooo creative! Thanks for sharing so many fabulous projects with your TAC stuff, it's great to see other things than cards. I love 3-D and you inspire me greatly..:)

BarbL said...

Hey Jewels!
Me again! Love the folio! I picked up some of those notecard sets while I was in Denver with the same plan in mind. How funny is that?

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Awesome project! Love the tutorial and your stamping space is really coming along.

Thanks for sharing,

Angela K said...

Great project, love the tutorial, thanks for sharing!!