Sunday, March 16, 2008

Make Matching Ribbon with Palette Ink

With all the ribbon I have in my collection, you wouldn't think I would have a problem finding the right match. Has this ever happened to you? I was making this card for a swap (Hi Awna!) and I was out of orange ribbon. The yellows I had just wouldn't work. I needed a plain orange. Well, the answer was as close as grabbing my Palette Orangerie ink pad. I used white flower arranging-type ribbon and a piece of hydra sponge to dye the ribbon right on the pad. Palette ink is great because it's a hybrid between dye and pigment. The colors are so vibrant and it can be used on all sorts of surfaces. The other fun thing I did using my hydra sponge is to add some yellow Paris Lights Palette ink to my glossy cardstock before stamping the chick in Chartreuse Palette ink over the top. It gives the chick a fluffy look that's really fun. Then I just colored in the chick's beak with an orange marker.
Spring is making its way to Colorado. Hopefully it's getting warmer where you are. Yesterday we had the perfect day for our neighborhood egg hunt. (Take a peek here.) Enjoy!


Jackie said...

Excellent idea! I did finally think to buy some white ribbon in a couple of different widths - maybe I can remember to color them.

Catherine said...

what a cute card and great idea. and yes, you should see my box full of ribbon and have issues with matching ribbons "once in awhile" =)

BarbL said...

Hey Jewels!!
I used this tech with some yellow on black gingham ribbon and it worked great!
I'll post it on my blog after the Stamp-a-Stack on Saturday.

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