Friday, March 28, 2008

Circle Card Case with Scallops and Stickles!

There's a cute card in The Angel Company's Spring Supplement with a really unique "envelope". I used that as the inspiration for this little note and I was curious how it would come out with a scalloped edge. It's kind of old school (literally), but I just whipped out a compass, drew a large circle on some 8x8 paper and cut around it with my scallop scissors! I only loosely followed the directions below, but there are measurements if you'd like to make it precise. I just made the enclosure first and then cut some Matchmaker paper in a size that would fit inside.

Of course, I added lots of Lavender Stickles. My friend Barb and I were just talking about how you really do *need* all the colors. If you're not sure which ones to start with, get Barb's Glitter Texture Sheet. It's awesome! You get samples of all our embossing powders and glitters. Some things just don't show correctly in a catalog!

The paper is Whimsy Blossoms (which is, I'm sorry, no longer available---I'm on a kick to use up thing from my studio) and the stamps are from Trendy Greetings and Petal Pack. A bit of ribbon (especially satin) gives this quick little note the finishing touch. Want to see my very messy and very "me" ribbon storage solution?

I grab a lot when I find a ribbon bargain and then I use it for large projects or workshops, so I need a good amount of space and something that is not too fussy. I also need something that looks fairly decent, so I put a little snip of the ribbons on the outside of the bin and sort them in kind of a rainbow pattern. It can get a little sloppy, but it's working for me and hey, you can't fight your nature. ;)

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stampez said...

Love the card and envy Julie! And you know - that is my trouble i am constantly fighting my nature! I do use it for an excuse when called on it though!