Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lunch Bag Makeover

One thing that really seems to ring true with crafters is, "It's the little things that bless our lives the most." I have a lot of fun taking something pretty ordinary and making it more special.

I raided my collection of lunch and party bags and added some simple stamping to make these daily treat containers for my nine year-old's first adventure at summer camp. I wanted her to feel special and have a little treat and a note, so she knew her family was thinking of her every day.

This is a great idea for the first day of school, a birthday, or any day that you want a kiddo to feel special. It's not just for kids either! A little something extra written or stamped on a spouse's lunch bag would certainly make them feel special. Any small item given as a thank you or a favor in a lunch bag will seem even more thoughtful with a small sentiment and some decoration.

My mom gave me this great little book from Focus on the Family that has tear-out pages with encouraging messages for kids. I wrote a little something extra on the pages that I tucked in my camper's bags and making your own unique notes on computer stationery would be pretty simple.

Here are some of the same bags dolled up a little more for my daughter's "Spa" birthday sleepover.

My favorite sources for lunch bags are the dollar store, Big Lots!, and Target, which carries plain bags in red, white & blue.

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2 comments: said...

Hi Jewels,
I am just crazy about the
accordian envelope book. Do you share directions or a video on how to make it. Thanksgiving is coming up and I would love to make everyone one of these. I will be having 12 guests and what a perfect gift that would be for them.
Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

How fun!