Saturday, November 15, 2008

Semi-Hand Stamped for a Craft Fair

My son's Cub Scout den had a bake sale at a local craft fair to benefit a nearby animal shelter. Our den leader mentioned that if we had anything else to donate for the booth to bring it, so my first thought was teacher and co-worker gifts. You've probably seen the CD Case Calendar (case opens, flips around and stands on desk) and Sticky Notepad Covers. Don't they look great in Penelope paper from The Angel Company(tm)? I love how the colors go from fall into the holidays and really, are beautiful in every season. (Go Here to print your own pdf calendar pages for your holiday creations.)

I don't do a ton of baking, so Heather gave me the brilliant idea of doing some peanut and candy corn treats. All I could find were the caramel and caramel apple kind, but the colors are gorgeous, they were half off (already!) and they actually taste great with peanuts. If you've never tried this sweet and salty treat, you should.

Semi-Hand Stamped Bags
A pretty package just adds to the gift, so here's where the Semi-Hand Stamped thing comes in. For at least a year now, I've been talking about paper crafts that are semi-homemade and it just occurred to me that semi-hand stamped is an even more fabulous term for the idea! I started with these lunch bags that were inexpensive and fun, but a little bright. I really needed to tie the orange and white flowers in with the rich burgundy color in the gifts, so I used my Petal Pack stamps to add pretty centers with Palette Bordeaux. This worked perfectly!

Want to show your thanks with semi-hand stamped crafts? Here's what you need:
Penelope Soar With It Collection
Penelope Cardstock
Penelope Ribbon
Bazzill Bitty Blossoms (I also cheated by plucking some petals from some Walmart silk flowers)
Always Remember Stamp Set
Book Rings
Post It brand recycled notes (4"x4")
CD Cases and candles from Big Lots


"Jany" said...

Oh my! I just LOVE your calendar! I have those cases (thought that I could do the cd cube with them, but no, no luck there. lol. I just didn't know how to work them out! Will email you right now for the pdf. But may I ask you for a tutorial in how to create these calendar cases? I would love to do some to give out in Christmas.


Kellybird said...

Your teacher gifts are goa-jus, dahlink. LOVE those colors!

Tonniece said...

Awesome gifts

Chris said...

I just can't get over this. They're like works of art! I do NOT have that kind of vision, so thank you for giving it to me. :) Awesome ideas!

sylviehavre said...

que c'est joliiiiiiiii
Bravo j'adore xoxoxoxox
bizzoux vivi