Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nick's Bind It All Mini Scrapbook

My nephew Nick and my son are like peas and carrots. I made this mini scrapbook out of decorative manila folders to remember the fun we had during his recent visit.

I bound folders from Wal-Mart and photos with my Bind It All machine, which is great for mini books! I also added office-supply type elements with my Sizzix using the leftover from the folders. Inside are acetate pages, which I stamped with StazOn or just wrote on with a Sharpie marker. I like how it has a boyish, "unfancy" feel. The photos inside are adhered back to back, so it's super simple to put together, but very sturdy. (Click the photos at left to see more detail.)

Tabs made with my Mini File Tab punch are stapled here and there to label events and locations. (Check out this tip for making just-right sized tabs.) They were also made from my folder scraps. You'll also notice I made my favorite "faux notebook paper" by punching the white title card on the front of the book in my BIA and snipping away a bit of the paper with scissors.

Covers: 8 1/2" x 6 1/2"
(Photos are 4"x6")

4x6 photos are super easy to punch perfectly, because they center perfectly into the machine. I made my covers to fit two pictures wide, plus a little space in between. When making a book larger than 4 inches, you'll need to make more than one set of punch holes in order to put the book together.

I opted to do one set close to the top edge and one set close to the bottom edge of the book. I also wanted the cover to hang over just a little from the pictures, so when I placed the cover into the machine, I left just a little space along the edge.

I used pliers to snip the wire into two pieces. There's no need to measure, just count the number of holes (6) and prongs to determine the proper size.

The Bind It All not only punches the holes, but closes the binding wire, forming the book. If you'd like to see it in operation, click here.

If you're already impressed and you want to get one HALF PRICE, host a show with TAC. Just a $100 party earns you a half price item, free hostess set, plus your entire order at 20% off. Not in Colorado? No problem. I'll send everything you need for a Book Show. Email me for more info.


Heather said...

WOW jewels! This book ROCKS! I LOVE IT!!!! What a precious treasure this will be for Jack and Nick.

Bunny Cates said...

kewl! Do you use your bind it all much? I was thinking about getting one, I just dont think I would use it much!