Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Have you seen that show on HGTV where they rearrange the stuff you already have to redesign your rooms? Well, that's kind of like what I've been doing around here. In the last couple of weeks (while my blog has been quiet) I've been getting ready to have family in town and then was busy making the summer memories to go inside the scrapbooks. {wink}

It all started with this piece I made. John told me he'd love to see more of my work framed around the house, so I've been converting some of the art on our walls to more personal art--moments I've captured that I want to be reminded of around every corner.

This piece was for Lily's room. She has just turned three, so the Beatrix Potter prints have been replaced with some more girly, flowery decorations. She seems to be pretty happy about it.

Do you recognize the pink flower wall decoration? Yup, it's the flower coaster from Barb's challenge!

Here's something else that I thought was fun. You saw Heather mention it, but were you curious about how my Wordle came out?

I went to http://wordle.net/ and I pasted in the text from our last three holiday letters. This cloud shows you what words I use most to describe my family life. Interesting, huh? I spray painted a frame espresso brown and hung this in my powder room. Now I'm on a kick to add personality to every room. I'll keep you posted . . .


StampinCarol said...

Great pictures! You are so talented!

Barb said...

Everything looks great, Julie! Love your stuff. In fact, I just nominated you for a blogging award! Please go to my blog for the details!! :)

Anne said...

I just love how you made a Wordle from your last three holiday letters, so you could use the words you use to describe your family. And, that you then used that to create personal art for your home. How wonderful! What a treasure! :-)

Laurie said...

How did you copy your wordle from the site onto your blog? I can't figure it out! :)



Jewels said...

Hi Laurie!
I tried to respond by email, but I couldn't get your address. I used the print screen function to get a jpeg of my wordle. One of my favorite picture programs is Picasa and it handles screen shots really easily. Read more about it here:
Hope that helps!