Friday, April 4, 2008

Scrapper's Emergency Tool Kit

I'm getting together with some friends to crop next week, so I decided to make some little treats for them. You're always forgetting something when you gather your scrapbooking supplies, so one of these goodies could come in handy. They are stamped with my info as well, so if they need any other supplies later, they can call me!

There's a mechanical pencil with Frutti Fusion paper inside, one of Allison's faux bone folders, an emery board for distressing those edges, and a piercing kit for when you need to place a brad (That's a medium sized push pin and a piece of fun foam). I also wanted to include some plastic canvas for piercing or stitching in patterns, so I'll have to grab some at the craft store this week! Hopefully I'll make some progress with my pages this week. Wish me luck!


Angela K said...

Great idea!! I'll have to remember this!

Lee said...

Oh how fun!!! These are just so cute!!! Sounds like you're gonna have a great time!!

Diane H. said...

Cute idea! I wanna come play too! :-)

Diana said...

This idea is awesome!! I need to do some of this for my girls!!

Check my blog I have something for you!! I love your work, your ideas and your enthusiasm!!


Nancy Grant said...

Very cool and a creative gift. You are amazing!


Beth said...

Ok, these are too stinkin' CUTE! What a fantastic idea!

Bridgett said...

This is awesome! I am definitely going to CASE your project!!! Thank you for sharing it! This will be absolutely perfect for my upcoming Hostess Club gifts!!! You ROCK!