Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easy Easter Swap for Daisy Girl Scouts

When I think about crafts for my Daisies, I like to make sure they are super easy. I also like to make my crafts very inexpensive. This one is both, but it's still way cute! The basic tag shape is paper-covered cereal box that I cut out with a Sizzix shape. I stamped the bunny and applied some chalking to the ears and cheeks. For the pin back, I hot glued a safety pin and a small square of felt. (This is so much less expensive than the pin backs and the pin lies down a little flatter too.)

During the meeting the girls just tied the ribbon on and used a dab of Tacky Glue to adhere their puff ball tails. Voila! A fun remembrance of our Easter celebration and a great way to teach our Daisies about the Girl Scout tradition of making and collecting swaps!

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