Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Super Fast Craft Blog Browsing: Google Reader Play

Do you have a bazillion awesome, crafty blog posts in your Google Reader, that you want to browse, but there are so many that it feels like work? That's how I was feeling. One thousand posts in my Google reader. Seriously? Well, I was letting them pile up, like my laundry, because they took a lot of time to go through.

Well, if that's you too, than go--RUN!

Fast, Fun, Yay!

You can see all the photos in the post on one screen; click one to see it larger and if you want to read more of the text you can. (There is also a button to toggle from "magic" to "classic" layout.) To navigate the the next post, just click the > button or use your arrow keys. You can also set it to slideshow to advance between posts automatically and just stop it as needed.

When you first go there, it will give you a bunch of random stuff. But, if you go to your Google Reader and look at one of your feeds (or folders full of feeds) you can drop down the feed settings and choose View in Reader Play.

Please leave me a comment if you tried Play and you like it. I would love to hear from you!

PS- Just a note for those bloggers who have your feed settings on anything but full: Why? Don't you want to make it easy for people to read your blog? Don't you want them to see your pretty pictures? And about comments: turn off that captcha thing. If you're worried about robots, turn on comment moderation so you can savor and approve the love notes as they arrive. You'll probably get a lot more comments, and don't you just love comments?Sorry, had to add my two cents!


Chris said...

I'm gonna go check that out because reading blogs has taken over my day. I love your PS comments - I'm there with you!!

Dinah Soar said...

Thanks for this tip! Love being able to view the images and posts so easily. I had Google Reader but never used it...viewing it in the play version is the way to go.

Jennifer Carter said...

Hmmm...have to give that a try sometime! As far as partial feeds...totally irritates me! I've deleted several blogs that I like from my reader because I don't have the time to click on them to open them up! So annoying!! AND...I HATE to type in the letters to verify my posts too!! Too time consuming! So, I'm right there with ya on that!! :)

Kristin at Attempt Creativity said...

I've been trying it out, I really like it! Thanks!

Tonniece said...

Hi Jewel

For some reason I have not been getting your posts, So I was thrilled to get this one.

Love this by the way. I don't blog anymore but I do surf and totally agree with you. Haveing to always click to the blog is a bit time consuming if you have a lot of faves.

Thanks for the info.


Tracy said...

I love the idea and tried it...but do I have to click on "View In Reader Play" mode for each blog? I tried going to one of my folders and was able to click "View In Read Play" but then I could not advance to the next blog? Maybe I'm missing something. I absolutely LOVE that idea, though! Really quick and so much easier to buzz through Ü

Jewels said...

Hi Tracy,
I believe if you click on the name of a folder, it will "Play" all the new posts for all of the blogs in that folder. If you don't have blogs organized in folders, I think it would just play them all. I hope it works out for you, because it's so great to save some time. Thanks for stopping by!