Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Place for Great Ideas - Tabbed Composition Book

Great ideas come from everywhere, and if you're like me, they don't come exactly when you need them. I'm not very organized and can't remember great ideas unless I write them down.

This book is a great place to sketch out creative ideas, write business tips, even keep track of songs you want to download and internet passwords. The tabs keep the different types of info organized. I made the one I use last year and I cut the inside pages to allow a protected area for the tabs. On this one, I added chipboard that extends out from the inside back cover and covered it with paper. I used snaps to attach clear plastic to the front cover to protect the tabs and also to cover the metal letters. The plastic (which I saved from the packaging to my daughters toy doll) has a decorative edging, which I created using my cloud scissors and Big Bite. You can check out more details on the "Clever Closure" I made in this post. You can also click this photo to see it in larger detail.

Check out this page from my idea journal. In addition to the sketch for the idea journal, you can see my "Twisted Treat" idea. I had jotted it down after being reminded of the cute sour cream containers I had seen online, but I didn't have an immediate need for that project. When I was preparing for Escape in January and needed a swap idea for Club Med, I went to my journal and found that idea. I switched it up a little by punching the edges instead of crimping them and tied a little ribbon on the end. It's fun to see the ideas I have come to completion and having this little journal ensures I won't lose track of them!

By the way, this journal was my "Prop Swap" which goes to a surprise recipient during our gift exchange. It ended up going to Laura Arnold (Hi Laura!). I never found out if she liked it, but I hope it helps inspire her and keep track of all her great ideas! I received a very inspiring and treasured gift from my friend and first Angel recruit, Camille [That's us dressed in our wings at Seminar a couple of years back]. It's a darling little coaster memory box which reads on the front: "even broken roads lead to RAINBOWS". Isn't it sweet? I'm going to add photos of my kids playing in the rain and seeing a rainbow, in addition to some messages and inspiring quotes.

I hope you're inspired today and that you find a place to keep track of those great ideas!


Barb said...

Beautiful idea organizer!! You are so clever. Love the idea about covering the front with plastic to protect it, not to mention the lovely scallops :)

Lena said...

I love this idea! How did you cut your pages?

Seleise said...

great, great, great journal! loved your bonus project at Salina and great to see you again! have a super happy day!