Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family Matters Clipboard

It's a new year and I'm whipping my family into shape! What? You've heard that one before and it usually only lasts until February? Yeah, I know. But this project has become an evening habit that my kids are loving and keep asking about.

Our Family Matters Clipboard hangs in the kitchen and is the parking spot for reminders, schedules, comments and concerns.

I had been battling the paperwork on my desk (our command central) and I realized things were still falling through the cracks. I wasn't reviewing the calendar with my family (so they could remind me about things like crazy hair day) and I was always shuffling invitations and fliers from school that I wasn't sure if we were interested in or could fit in with my husband or kids' schedules.
After dinner we review the Family Matters clipboard. On this particular day, along with the calendar, I found a love note from Jack and a "consirn" from Katelyn. I'm loving that it helps us discuss things as a family and everyone gets a chance to be heard.

This started as a kit, but any old clipboard will work. I used decoupage glue, some ribbon and a little clip with a Bazzil Bitty Blossom. For paper, I covered mine with Willoughby, of course!


Barb said...

This is a great idea, Julie! Love the Willoughby paper and the lovely embellished clip!

Anna said...

Clever idea! Would be easy to use on a daily bases because it's so pretty!

Suzanne said...

Great idea! Ingenious way to schedule family time 'accidentally'

Debra Hensley said...

You're always so creative and such an inspiration. Great idea, great design!

Scrap with the soul said...

Great idea.
Hi your are a winner of awards in my blog for your creativity

Seleise said...

great idea and absolutely adorable notes from the kids. super clipboard design!