Monday, February 4, 2008

Uptown Girl Love Notes

Wow! I managed to get Heather's card sketch done, and it's still Monday (just barely) in Colorado! I thought I would get in to the spirit with a little Uptown Girl, Bordeaux, Running Stitches, a GWP and Ordinary Greetings. (All stamps and supplies from The Angel Company.) As usual, I did the card away from the picture of the sketch, so the proportions are off a little, but it's the same idea. I love Heather's sketches. They look great and the sizes and pieces just seem to come out handy.

I also got to do a project inspired by my friend Joy. Check out her blog: Irish Angel Creations. I guess everyone on Split Coast Stampers has been doing this design too, but I copied it from Joy. :D Anyway, it's a heart envelope/card and it is so fun to make! She sent me instructions, so email her (or me) if you'd like them.

It's a wonder I'm getting any stamping done. My studio is still all torn up. I am making a little more progress though! Thanks for stopping by!


Fabrizio said...

Wow your studio is looking great and still has a lovely cozy feel to it, I can't wait to see it when it's finished. I really like that card, that GWP stamp is so versatile, I'll have to put it in my next order from Claudia. Thank you for sharing that project.

Nancy Grant said...

Neat projects. Your room looks like a skeleton of an organized masterpiece. Can't wait to see it too.