Monday, July 16, 2007

Scallop Borders with Circle Stamps

I made a cute card today for an upcoming swap and I stole another idea from my friend Kim! (Do you want to come and steal ideas from her too? If you're in the Denver/Parker, Colorado area, come scrapbooking this Friday with us at church!)
I got one of my new sets from our new catalogue today called Blossom Builders and I used one of the circle flower centers to make this scalloped border! Isn't that fun? Scallops are so hot right now. You see them in borders, circles and squares, and you can make any shape you want. I found it easiest to follow a straight line with my ruler.
Don't have a circle stamp? Try this cool idea from one of my other creative friends, Jen. She does scallops with a circle punch! Isn't that neat? By the way, you know how you see great idea on someone's blog and you want to go find it later? Well, on Blogger, it's really easy to search for a topic. See the white blank and the "SEARCH BLOG" up in the top left hand side of the border? That's where you can search the whole blog for the topic you're looking for. So easy! Well, enjoy this tip and try it out. Post a comment and a link to your card so we can all check it out. Ciao!
Julie Griffith - Demonstrator/Manager, The Angel Company


Eva said...

Awesome Card! The design is great and the colors are FABULOUS! Cool tip!

Gwen Z. said...

I love what you did Julie! You are amazing!

Love ya!

Nancy Grant said...

Wonderful tutorial for scalloped stamping! I've been wanting to give this a try too.