Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ink Meets Carpet and the Miracle of TAC's Stamp Cleaner

I swear that only about 6.5 seconds went by, but my Lily is a master at waiting for Mom's back to be turned. This is when I learned the Miracle of TAC's Stamp Cleaner. I was already a fan, but little did I know, this stuff could actually save a life (well, at the very least, a marriage.)
Anyway, if you have a little one at your house and she's seen you do "direct to paper" and decides to try "direct to carpet", here's what you do:

Spray the area with stamp cleaner. (It will look like the stain actually gets darker. Don't panic. It's just the color going to the surface of the carpet.)
Blot with a clean paper towel and repeat spraying and blotting until no color remains.
Rinse the area with a clean, damp sponge or wash cloth or use a spot carpet cleaner to remove all traces of stamp cleaner.

You can also use our cleaner to clean off your blocks and any other surfaces that have picked up a little ink. And your stamps? What do you know? It's great for those too!

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